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About Us

There used to be a lot of discussion over the lack of a guaranteed space for the occasional and regular writers of the IITD community, to publish and showcase their work to interested viewers across the globe. This portal, co-managed by the Board for Student Publications, IIT Delhi and the Literary Club of the Board for Recreational and Creative Activities, seeks to fill that void and provide a platform to the members of the IITD community to showcase their work and art.

While Muse- the creative magazine of the BSP only displays selected pieces, this forum is meant even for the average writer at IIT Delhi to get his work read by his peers and beyond.

To all the writers out there- do not hesitate to send us your entries! To all our viewers- do register your email IDs with the website to remain connected with newer blog posts. :)


Meet the Team

Abhiroop Agarwal


Literary Club, IITD

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Raunaq Saraswat

Chief Editor (Journalism),


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Pratik Kedia

Chief Editor (Website)


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