• Aryan Yadav

A Sleep in Anguish

A victim of love sits lost in thought

For what ugly love his maiden brought,

He looks at her as if she would alter,

With every second, his love falter.

Perplexion mixed with love, so sour,

How he himself from himself so far,

Outside the window, the moon yet flaunts,

And inside the window, she him haunts.

What can he do or what must he try?

Should he kill her or himself die?

This boy cried more than his pen ever can,

For loving a girl so much, no men ever can.

On a bed with a bedsheet of dry despair,

He thought about when his maiden was fair.

But who is at fault and who plain right?

Mad is he for he lost his very sight.

He sobs, hates, then falls in love, in a fold.

His love stripped him in this desert cold.

Maybe she will one day again hold my hand,

Thinks he, as his teary eyelids land.

Oh girl, he sleeps and his demons on him dine,

When he hopes for you and waits for sunshine.

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