• Vibhuti Nougain

Don't break the glass ceiling, open it to ESCAPE!

I am a victim and a survivor of systematic oppression. I was told to clean the kitchen and prepare tea for guests and learn cooking. All this while my brother was lying on a couch in our hall glued to his phone. I wondered why am I doing a PhD, if the treatment is still based on a feudal mindset? Struggled with this thought for a long time. Because the demons were those whom I loved the most. And, it's been systematic, it's been happening for years now. Of course, for them I am a girl first and later comes my achievements. Emotionally exhausted, one day I thought of breaking the glass ceiling. Was washing some crockery and I broke it in anguish. Confronted them, until I realized that it’s the broken pieces hurt me the most. Because, as I said, it’s the demons whom I love the most. So, next time there was a sense of discrimination I made sure that I didn't break the ceiling, rather open it gently and gradually. Today, they understand the subtle hints. My brother knows how to make stuffed paranthas. And, he doesn't break the crockery unlike me while washing them.

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